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Farewell Zena - (Est. 2002 - Jan. 10, 2015)

It is with a saddened heart that I share the news of Zena's passing last Saturday afternoon. Zena came to us in 2006; yet another beautiful gift from National Borzoi Rescue Foundation. As with other Borzoi, Jeff researched diligently for a proper Russian name for our new family member. He picked Zena and he picked the perfect name. In Russian Zena is from the Greek god Zeus and it was evident from the beginning that we had a little "lightning bolt" in our family.

Zena was a compact Borzoi demonstrating agility, speed and athleticism. Her favorite sport was walking the mountains of North Georgia. We hiked many steep mountain roads in Big Canoe and when people and dogs were ready to head home, Zena wanted to keep going to the top of the mountain and beyond.

The last several months were difficult for Zena as she battled kidney disease. But she never failed to demonstrate courage, strength and a will to live. Weak hind legs required her to have assistance while walking but miraculously last Friday she regained the use of her back legs. Zena was once again able to walk without assistance and she was so proud of her independence. Saturday was a beautiful day here in Atlanta with blue skies & sunshine. So we took a nice afternoon walk and after returning to the sunroom and her bed she napped briefly. Zena barked one last bark then passed. I was there with her holding her in my arms. It was a beautiful death but then there really is no death. Zena is waiting at the bridge with Mesha, Alex, China and the others, waiting for the rest of us.

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