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On April 24th 2017 Yasny walked out of his beautiful custom-built Russian crate at Dulles Airport after a 16-hour trip from Moscow Russia. I had brought what I thought was enough food for several days. He ate the whole thing in about 20 minutes! He was in the back seat of my truck but decided he liked it much better next to me in the front. And there he rode for the 10 hours it took to drive back to Ohio! When he got to our house, I had to stay on the couch next to him. He turned out to be the noisiest Borzoi I have ever had, and I’ve had about a dozen of them. He was terrified of slippery floors so we never had to worry about him exploring the kitchen. No matter how good the smells were.

Yasny had a clock in his head. Every morning at 7 AM it was chow time. Every evening at 5 PM it was cookie time. And he was very vocal about those times. We knew what time it was that is for sure! I mentioned he was noisy right?

Yasny always had a good time with our Alpacas. He was a bit intimidated at first but once he got to know them, he would steal some of their food while they were eating. The chickens on the other had were not so lucky and we had to keep him separated.

He enjoyed chasing rabbits, squirrels, deer, and even a coyote once. He never caught any but always gave them a run. And it was hilarious when he chased a flock of turkeys from his back yard! In his later years when he could not move so well, the rabbits and deer would laugh at him!

Our favorite activity with Yasny was camping and he liked it too. He always knew when we were packing up the Airstream and the whining would start. Over the 5 years with him we went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Florida twice, North Carolina, Tennessee, Acadia National Park and New England and all points in between. We saw the Solar Eclipse in Kentucky where he shared his bed with our son. He took the ferry over to Mackinac Island and toured with us. He liked to bury his cookies at various campsites and then forget them. He was a great ambassador for the Borzoi breed. And why the heck did not one or two but quite a few people would guess he was an Airedale! What?!?

Unfortunately, toward the end, he developed bad hip problems and had trouble getting in and out of the truck and trailer but we got a ramp and taught him how that worked. He did fine up until two days before we had to put him down. My vets are friends and they came to the house and he went peacefully in our company on October 24th 2022. He would have been 8 years old on December 7th.

Go to the bridge and wait for us there Yaz. We will always miss you.

Kim and Chris Watson November 2022

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