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We found our Numa online at Petfinders and met him at an adoption event at PetSmart. We learned there that he had been born and spent the first six years of his life at Pickle Hill. His next six months were spent in rescue in Alabama. Our gratitude goes out to Lee of Southern Dogs Rescue, for rescuing Numa and bringing him into our lives.

We were borzoi novices having only admired them from afar; our dear, sweet, handsome Numa was all we could ever have dreamed of.

Numa was initially so shy, he felt best when in his crate. Worms, ticks, earmites, hotspots and tons of nasal discharge plagued him. He needed lots of encouragement to leave his crate for food and water and sometimes liked to do these things in private after we went to bed. Though he had had a dental just before we adopted him, he continued to have tooth problems and needed seven teeth removed in the first months he owned us. Our appreciation goes to NRBF for their guidance and advice on our guy.

It was so beautiful to us when he made his baby steps of progress: taking food from our hand, asking to be petted and later, leaping from his bed and running to the kitchen when told dinner was ready.

Numa was an exceedingly polite, courtly and courteous dog. When we left the house for a walk, he always held back til you were first, "After you, I insist!" he seemed to say. While my husband and I walked him, he always looked back to check on whoever might be lagging behind. "C'mon now, I miss you up here; shouldn't you be right beside me?"

We found it remarkable he never barked in the ten, too short months we spent together, only making charming little woofs while dream running. In our first months together, he would yodel softly before his top of the morning walk. Though I cannot confirm this, my husband swears Numa once called his name (though he pronounced it Ahwix rather than Alex).

Numa brought great joy to us and smiles to many people we met. His calm and endearing presence brought him lots of admirers and he basked in the attention of the two leggers he met, sometimes even granting them a rare borzoi nose kiss. He was much choosier about four leggers, though he was always kind to all dogs he met (even Chihuahuas nibbling at his ankles!). He had a clear dislike for barkers of any sort and willfully avoided drawing their attention by standing stock still, moving forward only after being encouraged to regain his noble composure. He was a sensitive soul and was curious and sympathetic towards dogs in distress.

Numa loved his morning walk and jog along the railing at the rivers edge. His preferred spot was as close to the railing as possible. We often wondered: was it a love of the water or did it make him feel secure knowing nothing could threaten him if he stuck super close to the water's edge?

His gentle, beautiful manner caused us to marvel each day. Was he really a dog or a celestial being in a borzoi disguise?

We are very grateful for our time with our darling Numa, alive in our hearts and love forever.

Alex + Leslie

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