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Natasha - CiCi

“Natasha was my Queen. She was love at first sight, and every day since; the most resilient, loving dog I have ever had, or had the opportunity to meet. She and Boris came together from China. We spent our first week bonding as a family in San Diego, walking the beach & going out for “pupacinos.”
Her bones were not only petite, but also weaker than they should have been due to poor nutrition in early life. She underwent two surgeries before she was even cleared to fly initially and two more in the first year and a half after arriving to the states. She was my bionic dog, held together by titanium plates, pins and a lot of love. In later years she behaved very carefully and did not take risks. Not allowed to jump out of the car or play rough, she enjoyed being my little Russian ballerina princess, whom I carried into and out of the car.
After Boris passed, Natasha embraced her role as the matriarch of our fur-family. She loved walks and meeting new people, small dogs and puppies especially; the friendliest little pixie grandma ever. She was always the star of the show anytime we visited the hardware store, the feed and tack store, farmers markets or the vet. Always a little ray of sunshine and the definition of determination.
I told Natasha the day we found the lump that I would not allow her to suffer and that she could go be with Boris anytime she wanted to; and I also told her that if she wanted to fight, I would fight hard alongside her. And fight we did. Until she was ready. She always insisted everything be on her terms. I was but merely her humble servant.”
Run with the angels sweet girl. You will be remembered well. Amanda Tobey November 2023

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