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Nadia "Hope"

A very sad day today in Shawnee, Kansas....
We had to let little Nadia go this afternoon.
She had been doing reasonably well with her fight against melanoma, but these past few days she wasn’t eating and was just kinda wasting away.
She gave her all Monday to be included in the annual holiday card, and I think she knew that she had to look her best one last time.
She was a hell of a trouper, and even was able to go up and down stairs without faltering till her last day.
She turned 14 1/2 on Christmas Day, and enjoyed her birthday “cake” of cooked ground turkey with cottage cheese icing.
We will miss her terribly...she was the only Borzoi we have ever had (out of ten) that seemed to totally enjoy her life.
Not that the others didn’t/don’t, but Nadia was so demonstratively full of joy in everything she did.
She loved to kick up the fallen leaves in the back yard, and run around playing with Barsky in their younger days together.
She was a playful, sweet little girl.
She came from the “puppy mill” in southern Missouri where she was one among many, many Borzoi who needed rescue and homes.
Countless NBRF volunteers rescued and fostered these dogs, and we were fortunate enough to have been directed to Deb and Randy Thomas of DeSoto, Kansas, who fostered little Nadia (then named “Hope”).
We are forever indebted to these wonderful people, and to NBRF, for our long loving journey with our little Nadia.
We miss her.

Clif, Carla, Barsky (Boris), and Kyra (Daisy) Clif and Carla Hall December 29, 2022

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