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Myka Dean

Myka Dean – A Tribute To A Very Special Boy

Myka was one of the original Reno Senior Five, rescued in April of 2022 after the breeder unexpectedly passed away. I was contacted by NBRF regarding these dogs as I had previously obtained two Borzoi from this breeder. At that time I still had my female Tess which I had raised since a puppy. She was now 10 years old, and as it turned out the only male from the group just happened to be her litter mate. Because of this, I did not hesitate to bring him into my home so he could be with his sister. He was in very bad shape when I obtained him but thanks to NBRF handling all of his medical issues he was in probably the best shape he was in for a very long time.

When I first brought him home he and his sister Tess recognized each other immediately, which touched my heart. He was not accustomed to “in house” living or even a lot of affection, which took him a short time to get used to. He now had his own bed, toys, his own feeding dish and a sister to welcome him. I spent quite a bit of time with him, reassuring him he was now safe and holding him, loving him, petting him, grooming him and letting him sleep on the bed with us. He quickly adapted to his new life, knowing how much he was loved every single day. He was a beautiful, loving soul. I used to love coming home from work at the end of the day. When I walked in the door he would see me and start to whine and cry. I would literally lay on the floor with him for about 15 minutes holding him and reassuring him his Dad loved him and thought the world of him. I was absolutely intent in giving this honorable boy the best life possible for whatever time he had left.

Unfortunately in October of 2022 we lost his sister Tess. So now Myka had to adjust to being the only boy in the household. Which I don’t think he minded at all. Because of his previous poor conditions he still had issues walking as his hind end was weak and he would fall a lot. But we were always there to help him up and assure him he was okay. By May of 2023 he was in bad shape as his back legs all but gave out on him. We had to literally lift him to get him outside and everywhere else in the house. He began to whine when this happened so I assumed he was now having pain. When I took him to my vet he felt his back legs were now gone, by now he was 11 years old. We made the decision to let him go so he would no longer be in pain.

I absolutely loved this boy, my Myka Dean. He was beautiful, regal, and learned to return the love and affection we poured on him. He was a gentle, sweet soul and I take comfort in knowing his last year of life was probably the best life he had and deserved. So now he is at the bridge with his sister Tess waiting for the day we see each other again.

I will always be grateful to NBRF for helping to bring this wonderful boy into my life and the care and genuine concern they held for the Reno Senior Five. Bart Castinado 2023

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