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Recently Misha was “bought” from a horrible 2018 He was terrified to even go into the house. His skin was a horrible mess but, he so “wanted” to be loved. The kind lady who bought him out of that horrible situation he lived in for all seven years of his life surrendered him to NBRF. We in turn found him a home experienced with fearful Borzoi. This video shows why all of us involved in rescue do what we do. This truly is what rescue is all about. Misha is the white dog with what appears to be a mane although it’s hard to tell his rear is still much shorter than his neck and shoulders but the absolute joy he now has for life is unmistakable. Thank you Lana and Jill!!! Here is a photo of when we first got Misha. Please watch the video Misha’s Video . Enjoy!! Jill Baxter Oct 2023 died

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