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Goodbye Sweet Mesha
I am sad to share that Mesha left us last Thursday, March 21st. Mesha was between 12 and 14 years old and as of late had difficulty with weak back legs and mobility. Last Thursday he simply could not get up even with assistance. He quietly willed himself to sleep one last time.

Mesha was our first adoption from Carol Backers Borzoi Rescue group. He was born to Carol Cross Carowynd Kennels in South Carolina. After roaming and becoming lost from his first parents on several occasions, he was taken in by Dr. Lou Avant, Atlanta vet for the rescue group. De-ticked, de-fleaed and groomed, wala, there was a regal Tsar Borzoi. Jeff was so proud he spent days researching a proper Russian name. Jeremy was his co-Dad and Mesha spent many a day passing time with best friend female Borzoi, Peaches. Mesha was easy going and liked to just sit & watch the world go by for hours on the front porch or dug in the box woods at "Fort Mesha." He loved his pack and frequently washed the other dog's ears claiming the nickname of "Pack Ear Washer." He loved to walk with his brother & sister and did so daily until a couple of months ago. He was a magnificent male Borzoi and underneath the form was a warm, sweet teddy bear. He graced this home for ten years and will never be forgotten.

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