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I look forward to when we meet again my sweet boy Maximus. We shared many of life’s experiences over the last 13 years. Thank you NBRF for giving me the privilege to be part of his wonderful life. As you always literally stopped traffic when we went on a walk, I could share the story of how you actually came from Russia and came to live in the hill county of Austin. You are missed more every day and will not be forgotten in our hearts. To those who requested to hear about Maximus’s “story”. Maximus was sent over from Russia by his breeder when he was about 18 months old for “show training” to a couple of hound dog trainers in Houston. Sorry I can’t recall the specific breed they were show training. The breeder gave them a credit card for related expenses. Approximately 6 months later the credit card was no longer usable. Having no interest in Borzoi, along with having no room in their house, Maximus was left in the backyard with only his crate in the very hot and humid Houston Summer?! The couple declared Maximus to be abandoned and somehow (thankfully) was posted on the NBRF site. I had been looking for my next Borzoi for several years and went to see him as soon as I could! There was an instant connection with him. He had several Russian names … with the only one the couple could pronounce was Stephen. But having the same name for both of us would have been awkward I felt, so I named him Maximus. I thought he was well suited for this name not only because of his demeanor but how others reacted to him. Maximus was extremely loving and affectionate. I think this was due to his appreciation of attention which he was not given for the first 2 years of his life including being totally alone in a backyard. THANK YOU ALL very much for your prayers, thoughts and kindness during this very difficult time for our family. Steve Maxwell and family August 2023

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