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Max joined our family in February of 2021, at the age of 8.
Over the first few weeks, as he settled into his new life, he tried out several pieces of furniture including a couch, futon, recliner and bed. He didn’t really care for any of them and would only stay a few minutes. He also had dog beds in various parts of the house but in the end decided his best favorite places were a shower and a walk in closet. He enjoyed going for walks and absolutely loved rides in the van. It didn’t take us long to find out his walking ability was limited due to a bad heart. So, the walks became shorter and the rides longer. He came and did errands with us whenever it was possible and was happy to be part of the adventure.
A couple months back, he started getting weaker, a bit nervous and less interested in the things he did enjoy. The weakness quickly turned into his back end going out completely. It was then we decided that life had gotten to be too much for him and it was time to say goodbye. Thankfully we found a vet that came to our home so it was as peaceful for him as we could ask for. On May 10th, just a little over 2 years after he came into our lives, with very broken hearts, we said goodbye to our sweet boy.
> Kent and Kathy Kaltenborn May 2023

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