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Maks (Noah aka Elvis

My beautiful Maks aka Elvis passed away Dec. 1st of last year and it's been hard for me getting thru this week. He had just turned 9 in Sept.

I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful boy he was. I had just put in the paperwork for him to become a Therapy Dog, then Covid hit, so that was put on hold. In May, 2022, out of the blue he started having seizures but I had them under control. Then, on Dec. 1st his heart gave out and he was gone.

Maks was my 8th Borzoi over the past 48 years, 7 thru Rescue, and I've never been without one (or 2) more than 30 days. Knowing it's been a year since Maks left and I haven't been able to replace him tells volumns....he was that special.

I know one day he'll send me another...when the time is right...but for now I will cherish his memory and know he's watching over me. Shirley Grissom December 2023

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