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We rescued Maks when he was nearly five years old. He was our first Borzoi with NBRF as we transitioned from rescuing Greyhounds.

Maks was on Craig's list for $50. Someone saw that and paid to get him. It is my understanding that the person contacted NBRF who, in turn, contacted me to see if we would take him.

Maks started out as a very nervous dog, especially around men. That gradually changed as Maks became my husband's best friend. Maks had a hilarious way of begging for cookies (our term for dog treats). Gabe and Maks would go back and forth until Gabe ultimately gave in (every time!). Maks had Gabe wrapped around his paws.

Maks was a very affectionate boy. He loved to curl up in bed or on the couch and lay his head in our laps. Maks also adored our cat, Juliette. She would literally lay on top of his face as they slept through the night.

Maks was a gentle giant and will be missed forever. I thank NBRF for bringing him into our lives.
Laura and Gabe McGough June 2023

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