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Wraith's legs finally gave out so i had him put down yesterday. He was a wonderful borzoi. I loved him every minute but not as much as he loved me every second of his life. He was my best buddy, my trail running companion and the best climbing partner. I will miss him. One day we will meet again and go run the trails all day forever. Rich Hajac


Thanks again, after 6 years, for helping us adopt Wraith. He is wonderful Borzoi! He has come out of his shyness and is a wonderful friend and partner. He loves to run on the trails with me in Richmond, in all weather, over the river and through the woods. He stays right by my left leg whatever the pace and knows the commands of stop, stay, start, right, left, straight, and go behind if the trail gets really narrow. What fun., He also likes to hike in the shenandoah and west virginia and guards? the climbing equipment for us. He travels very well. In all a true joy and he is beautiful also. Hope the borzoi adoptions are going well!

Rich Hajek

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