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Why Did You Throw Her Away?
We picked her up from a local shelter when an employee recognized the breed. The barely recognizable borzoi was dropped off last week - dehydrated, smelly, sick, full of tumors, ticks and fleas, heartworm positive and most probably headed for euthanasia. But this small, delicate girl was not quite ready to call it quits. And a few coincidences and circumstances collided with her will to live, just in time to find a new home to live out the rest of her days.

I wonder, why did you let this beautiful sight-hound reach this sad physical state? Was there ever a time that you loved and cared for her? Her condition certainly did not happen overnight. Did you make her feel wanted? I'm sure she trusted you to take care of her. I wonder what she thought when you dumped her out to fend for herself?

We named her Grayson because she is very old and her face is now an aging gray. Somehow she managed to survive the brutal summer heat and being on her own for an undetermined amount of time. In just one week she gained 3 pounds. She is clean and her beautiful coat is shiny, her nails are clipped and again she is regal and dignified. Pain meds provide her a decent daily life until the bone cancer takes its toll. She will live out her final days with us even though it may not be a long life. She is loved by our family. That's really all she wanted - to be loved.

Grayson is amazingly resilient even after all she has been through. There is a soft glow of life that has returned to her once crust-infected eyes. And after having been tossed aside, she seems to understand that she is now being cared for by hands that she can trust, hands that will feed her, stroke her gently, and tell her that she is beautiful and sweet.

She deserved better than what you did to her. And better is what she has now - a family who loves and provides for her.

Grayson passed to The Bridge on 8/25/2012. She was gently held and surrounded with love as she slipped from this earth and is now free of pain. She is very much missed.

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