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Grace and her pups

Grace was heavily pregnant while being weighed at the butchers. She gave birth to four pups in the dark, filthy confines of a cell, sick and alone. Candy Cane rescue purchased her on behalf of NBRF, saving them from slaughter in a nick of time. Many more have and still do languish in those same conditions. Borzoi like Grace, their fate determined by funds available to buy their freedom. Grace succumbed to distemper under a vet's care just days after her rescue. One by one, after the following piece in her honor was written, the pups joined their mother at the bridge.

Today we continue the highlight series of NBRF - International's work. She captured our hearts. She suffered the most. Our dear Grace.
It’s been five years since the story of Grace brought us all to our knees in grief and horror. We promised her then that we would not forget; that she and her puppies would not have died in silence. NBRF and NBRF-International have kept that promise. Through the years, rules and regulations have made our mission abroad more complicated but the work continues and we honor their memory. The need is great, the expenses are high and the reward is priceless.
Great gratitude to Stormy Hildreth for this heartbreakingly beautiful video telling Grace’s story.

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