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Ginger Sabin

Ginger (passed away in March 2018)

We lost a true friend and a beautiful soul in Ginger. Along with her sister, Poppy, she was part of our little foursome for 10 years. She lived to be nearly 14, but it still wasn’t enough time. We miss everything about her: Her almond eyes lined with black. Her chestnut and white fur, the softest you can imagine. Her lightning-fast sprint, pure magic in motion. With most people, she was extremely shy, but with her family, she was an obsessive kisser and a regular goofball, dancing around the kitchen for her favorite treat (cheese and more cheese). She didn’t bark, but she did sing. Whenever she feared being left behind for a road trip, she launched into a harmony with Poppy, convinced that was her ticket to ride. And it usually was. She didn’t miss much, whether it was hiking in the mountains or swimming at the bay. We are so grateful to the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation for bringing her into our life. Brooke Sabin

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