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"One of NBRF's Florida Puppy Pack, his story began as an orphan but it wasn’t long before he was surrounded by the love of a very large extended family. His Puppy family, his NBRF family, his show brother’s family, and the many friends and admirers he met along the way. He traveled, he welcomed other members to his pack, he collected hearts like some dogs collect toys. It was so easy to love, Viktor. Time rushes on and there is never enough with them to satisfy our hearts. They grace our lives for such a brief moment. The Pack is less without you, Viktor. We will remember the softness of your magnificent coat, your quiet, sweet personality and the tender hugs and kisses you shared with loved ones. Run with the angels sweet Viktor. We will miss you and carry your memory in our hearts. Alek, Alcide and Chloe are waiting for you at the Bridge. Until we meet again big boy… Kathy Kelly

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