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Our dearest Loki, We only knew you for a few short days but we saw the glimmer of hope in your eyes. We loved you from the second we saw you. We tried to move heaven and earth… but we were just too late.

For the first time in his life he knew kindness and he goes to the bridge in peace knowing that each and every one of us was loving and supporting him.

From me to you, my little LoLo - I wait with every beat of my heart to see you again at the bridge. I will see those ears, that jagged blaze down your face and that little wiggle of your tail and know immediately it is you. I long for those nose pokes and face kisses. I am grateful for your comfort after years of pain. We had such big plans for you and longed to show you the love, kindness and comfort you deserved. My hope is that you knew and felt love before your untimely departure from this physical world. Always in my heart, until we meet again my dear friend. Tamara Cantwell Feb 22, 2022 Loki will be cremated and returned to Tamara

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