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Logan came to us to be fostered until he moved on to his forever home. He was five years old. He was such a sweetheart we couldn't let him go and made him a permanent member of the family. Logan never had a bad day. He was joyful and loved EVERYONE. Logan was a romantic as he would look lovingly into your eyes for a minute or two and then wildly kiss your face. On a weekend trip to my brother's home I had the opportunity to have my great niece and nephew overnight. Logan was overjoyed. We got the sleeping bags ready, the kids crawled in and Logan immediately dove between them. He couldn't wait to snuggle with those little kids. He had the biggest smile on his face and stayed between them the entire night. Logan was friendly to all dogs, people and even learned to love a small cat. He was humble and grateful for every touch and snuggle. He loved his grooming spa time and took great joy in every simple pleasure, His favorite treat was raw carrots and as soon as he saw one he would dance. He loved to eat green peppers right off the plant and quickly changed my mind about gardening. The years passed in the blink of an eye and Logan crossed the bridge at the age of 11 1/2. The cost of great love leaves you with great sadness when it's time to say goodbye. My hope is that dogs go to heaven and we will be together again. Lisa Ristine-Gamble

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