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Lizzie the Lovebug 4/1/07 - 5/13/15

How can Lizzie the Lovebug be gone so suddenly? It doesn't seem real. I just hope she knows I drove as fast as I could to get to the ER for 1 last visit, but the gastroenteritis & aspiration pneumonia was just too much for her to fight. I arrived 10 minutes after she left for the Bridge so I just held her until her body was no longer warm. She had joined Black Bart, Hummer, FL 14 Lacey & Chevelle that had left within 11 months earlier so she was in good company.

Lizzie made me smile every single day. She would just do such cute things that you couldn't help but smile. She was always such a friend to any rescue Borzoi that arrived here...just loved everybody & everything always! Afterall you never know who just might have a treat! She seriously loved her food & no morsel was ever left in her bowl, as she licked it clean. I can still hear that bowl clanking as she meticulously cleaned it.

She loved sleeping on the deck and she loved the snow in the winter. She loved the sofa & loved her squeaky toys. She just loved life & everything about it...there's a lesson for me for sure that Lizzie taught me!

I thank Michelle Carter for driving to NC to pick Lizzie up from a kill shelter & for NBRF for allowing me to have Lizzie in my life. My life was so much better because of it & I am beyond grateful. I look forward to when the tears will stop & the wonderful memories will replace the pain in my heart. Run free my precious little girlie until we meet love for you will never end! xoxox Mom


Lizzie has been adopted
Meet Lizzie

We believe Lizzie is between 18 and 24 months old. She was dumped at a NC animal shelter. Lizzie has a brother who broke loose from the woman who surrendered them. Their owner is in jail. The male has not yet been found.

Lizzie is currently staying with Michele & Cliff Carter and their crew of Borzoi in VA Beach, VA. We plan on moving her up to MD to stay with Roy Silguero where she will be spayed.

Lizzie is VERY sweet and gets along with other Borzoi. She loves people too and is starved for attention which she is getting lots of with Michele! As you can see, she is far too thin and was not well cared for before we got her. Something we are making up for. Lizzie also loves toys!!

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