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Lily was one of the “Jersey Girls”, three sisters rescued by NBRF from
Ohio and adopted by three forever homes in New Jersey. We were so
honored to be entrusted with her care by Carol and Liz .
We first met her in a hotel parking lot in Eastern PA on May 24, 2014
when she was 16 months of age and it was love at first sight! Adopting her
was like hitting the lottery! We were so happy. She was literally eating out
of our hands in the parking lot and a bond formed instantly. She was
everything that one would want: beautiful, intelligent, loyal, sweet,
protective, and well behaved. She was famous in the neighborhood bringing
joy to all the people she would meet during her daily walks. She had a
memorable bark: strong, loud, and distinctive. She was a talented athlete
never missing a step while running gracefully in the yard. Her long beautiful
tail twirled with joy. We were so proud and grateful to share our home with
If May 24,2014 was one of the best days of our lives then
July 29,2023 was certainly one of the worst. It was devastating to lose our
precious Lily to cancer. The three of us were inseparable until that day. She
was always the highest priority in our lives and she remains in our hearts
forever. We miss her and will never forget all the love she brought to us the
9 ½ years we enjoyed with her sweet soul.
Love always,
Michelle and Jay Heldman July 2023

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