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Lida, Lidullia, Lidok, my little goon hound. Lida was lightness - effortless in movement and charm. One night in the early summer, I looked outside and Lida was standing in a literal aura of light, surrounded by fire flies. Magic - my neighbors' children called my dogs the "magic ponies". Lida adored Kale from the moment she saw him - kissing him, deferring to him in all things. After he got too old to catch squirrels, he would track them with his eyes, and watching him, she would choose her target. If a young boisterous dog approached our aging Kale, Lida would dance around - distracting the other dog and leading him/her away from her mentor, Kale. She was a terrific huntress - one week she killed 12 squirrels, 3 ground hogs and a rabbit all before 7 am.... but she was our cat's best friend and play buddy. When battling cancer, she never lost her effortless grace and joy in life. Indeed, she was magic; she was my girl.

I think of these two beauties, Kale and Lida everyday - I remember them with gratitude, with joy, and with a profound sense of loss. They charmed the most fearful of souls; they took joy in every moment to their last.

Thank you NBRF, thank you. Irene Stevenson

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