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I have awful news to share. Our sweet, gentle, cuddle bug, Layla, has passed away. We lost her early Monday morning and there will forever be a piece of my heart missing. To say we're in shock would be an understatement.
I chose to name Layla after a very special dog I met back in 2012 when I was volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. She was the namesake of a beautiful Pitbull. Layla was one of the "Vicktory Dogs". She was removed and saved from Micheal Vicks property during his dog fighting case, to be exact. Layla was horrifically abused, neglected, and used for profit. But despite it all, she rose above her label and horrific past to become the dog she was meant to be.
Although our Layla was only with us for 18 ½ months, she truly blossomed and gained confidence. She learned all the things she should have been allowed to learn as a puppy. She learned the joy of the grass under her feet and the sun on her face. And most of all she learned what it was like to be loved. Nov 2023 Joanne A. and Duke Cannon

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