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Goodbye Sweet Mystery
I knew you were meant to be in my heart forever the first time I saw your picture at the There was just something about your puppy looking eyes that made my heart melt. You have brought so much joy and happiness to this family and we will always love you. I know the last several months have been a challenge for you and being the great Borzoi you are you held your own and stood tall through it all. Your courage and strength never wavered and your love and devotion have always been first and foremost. May you rest in peace sweet Miss Mystery for you are no longer in pain, you are no longer suffering. You will always be our great butt sniffer and you will be missed something terrible. My heart is broken tonight but I know you are in a better place and you can once again run and play and be the fun, energetic side runny puppy that you always have been. I send with you a piece of my heart, bunches of kisses and all my love. Till we see each other again Rest In Peace my sweet Mystery!

Qui me amat, amat et canem meum.
(Love me, love my dog.)
St. Bernard De Clairvaux,
"Sermo Primus," 1150

While at a dog show, a young woman spotted this puppy who was three weeks old at the time. She was there with her mother and siblings and the woman that owned them was a vendor at the show. This woman, having a Show Dog background, asked about her, it was obvious there was something "wrong" with this puppy. The breeder said she had been stepped on and she did not expect her to live but was putting her with the other puppies to nurse from her mother. When the woman asked if the breeder and taken her to a Vet, the breeder told her no, that she was just going to likely die.

The woman asked if she could have the puppy and the breeder gave Faith to her at the dog show. Well, the woman had an Aunt who just happens to work for a Vet. She brought Faith to her and her Aunt took her to work. The Vet said it was too bad she didn't get vet care sooner as, indeed something could have been done for the puppy but, you can see the result of their care and love for this little Borzoi Baby!

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