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"Fast" Eddie

It is with great sorrow and empathy that we share the news that the NBRF family lost one of its youngest members yesterday.

Last summer, Linda Kronick had an NBRF borzoi shaped hole in her heart, having lost her precious Jewel weeks prior. You may recall Eddie's Epic Adventure from California to Connecticut last summer, when Linda flew to Sacramento and drove him home. He was joined a few weeks later by his littermate brother Flash who also made a similar exciting cross-country trek. Fast Eddie and Flash bonded with their new Forever Person instantly, and their reunion and new life together was celebrated by their extended family of fosters, caretakers, and fans. They drew attention and sometimes crowds of admirers everywhere they went, growing their hearts by stealing pieces of those whom they met along the way.

Yesterday, the unthinkable happened. A cough that weeks ago that had been diagnosed as something minor appeared to resolve itself weeks ago recurred, and a more thorough examination and an exploratory surgery revealed the worst scenario imaginable -- a relentlessly aggressive cancer that was ravaging Eddie on the inside. Poor Eddie had shown hardly any signs of pain or distress, yet there he was, despite his youth and vigor, having already lost a battle he had no opportunity to begin. With hardly a moment to prepare, Linda said a tearful goodbye to her sweet Fast Eddie, then went home to a stoic but confused Brother Flash.

Eddie will be remembered not for his short life but how much joy he experienced and brought to everyone he encountered. Linda recalls that epic road trip: "When we did a drive through the Salt Flats in Utah, his ears were flapping and his lips were grinning. When he got home to my house, he knew it was home -- he wagged his tail at the front door as if to say 'I am home.' He loved to go on walks with his brother as if to say 'We are showcasing borzoi.' He loved being at daycare [next to my office] and playing with his buddies. Everyone who met him was charmed by him." He was a special boy and will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

The consummate gentleman
The man of the hour
If anyone were to walk in wearing a tuxedo at a 5 PM cocktail party, it was...
Fast Eddie
September 1, 2021 - May 24, 2023

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