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Eddie Stempfle

December 30, 2009 - June 28, 2021

When we brought Eddie home after being adopted by Borzoi rescue, he immediately jumped on our couch. He knew that this was his forever home.

Eddie loved to eat and I mean really loved to eat. He would quickly devour his food and consume a lot of water. Eddie would often glance at his treat area by the refrigerator and of course he knew dad would give him a cookie (treat).

Eddie also loved to be petted and when you stopped, he would always give you the paw of friendship for more petting.

Eddie would howl whenever the JD Wentworth song was on the TV. It was magical to hear him singing. The first time he did it I raced downstairs because I was worried that something happened to him. Everyone loved to hear Eddie sing.

Eddie’s 2 borzoi companions were Pony and Nicki. He enjoyed the companionship of his 2 sweet sisters.

I would pretend to roughhouse with Eddie by gently moving his head back and forth. He loved it and smiled throughout. It was a new happy time for our sweetie.

You were such a joy in our life and we will always remember and love our precious Eddie. We will see you again with all our sweet babies. We miss our baby, so, so much. Thank you for the 5+ wonderful years. We always wished that we could have adopted you much earlier. God is watching you with a big, happy smile.

A donation “from Eddie” to Borzoi rescue was recently made in honor of Carol Backers, past president of Borzoi Rescue, for her compassionate help, guidance and advice through the years.

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