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This "little" girl was so precious to us. She was beautiful, loving, smart - ready to go anywhere you were going. Loved the "daily" car rides, the walks to the dog park and airplane "jaunts"! I took her to my office many times and she was so attentive to my patients. They all loved petting, hugging and fussing over her. She LOVED that!
She had such an awful prior "life' before we were blessed to adopt her. She lived with so much physical pain. From her fractured back legs, fractured jaw, crushed paw, broken and infected teeth, herniated disk, being sodomized for 5.5 years, being beaten on her back hips as a puppy that caused splintered bone to lodge in her forming hip muscles. I never heard her cry or cower when hugged, petted, loved, kissed. A vet said she must have loved me so very much to never protest or cry out in pain.
She definitely was my perfect little girl! She was loved so completely, and the loss of this sweetie is so profound - miss her so very much - can't stop crying.
Thank-you NBRF for letting us be her "parents" - that was a gift beyond belief.
Enjoy your perfect health and seeing all your "sisters" and "brothers" on the Rainbow Bridge sweet Twinkles - until we're together again. We will never forget you - you always have a piece of our hearts. Janice and Bernie Pemberton

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