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Our story with Toby began on May 6, 2016 when Mark and a friend of his met Liz in an Applebee's parking lot in Terre Haute, Indiana. Mark said Toby cried most of the way home. His friend asked him "wonder if Nancy doesn't like him?" Mark said "I don't know". Well that was never our concern after he was in our home for 24 hours. He became our boy right away. He was such a good boy and we loved and enjoyed him very much. He didn't like flies though. Drove him crazy. Every morning he would wake us up by banging the door open with his head and coming over to the side of the bed for an ear rub. He was pretty much on time too at 7 every morning. We had him for 7 years. He came to us at age 4 and left us when he was 11. We miss him very much. Thank you NBRF. Nancy and Mark Zimmerman

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