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On early Christmas Day we unexpectedly lost our beloved Thor, a shock that rocked us to the core. We have always been greyhound adopters, but after meeting a few borzois at events and homes, as well as learning of the strong network that is involved in rescuing this breed, we decided to add one to our family.

After much anticipation, visits to the website for available dogs, and inquiries, we received that call in July saying we had a match, and would be available if we could meet up in Ohio. I made that long drive to meet up with Denise to meet and transport him. Although he was a bit daunting in size, he seemed to be a gentle giant, and our ride home was completely uneventful with him sleeping all the way. Once home and introduced to our other two greys (5 and 14 in age), he interacted freely, and was a bit submissive (although both of them are almost half his size). He loved going into his supersized crate, and found it to be his safe/own spot, that he could hide at first, but as time went by, he felt more and more comfortable. As the weeks progressed, we started seeing more personality come out, his cheeky smile as he started running around the room wanting to be petted, and snuggled with. Outside he would prance around, and his hair would fly around looking like pantaloons, chasing squirrels out of the yard, and looking for his favorite spots to roll around in. Fabio with four legs we would sometimes refer to him. When he zipped around the yard, our younger grey Angelo would run with him. Thor seemed at times to outrun him, but he definitely could not negotiate turns like the littler guy. They became good buddies as the months passed.

He would love snuggling with us, especially on his dog bed rolling around being vocal, twisting, and throwing his body onto ours. This is something that we were not used to with our other greys. He was a real love bug. Extremely smart, knew commands, outrageously housebroken, and great with guests who were impressed on his size, temperament, and grace. Without a doubt he was one of the best companions that had come into our lives. The shock of him leaving us so soon left a hole in our hearts. His endearing behavior, beautiful looks, and graceful stride is forever cast in our minds. We will forever remember him, as he flew over the Rainbow Bridge. Tess and Michael Gambuzza Dec 2023

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