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On 7-24-22, I had to give my Jasper his Angel wings. I was blessed to adopt him from NBRF in 2013-guessed age 4 or 5. His body, back and legs wore out as aged parts will. I would always look at him and think "dude " when you're unable to stand anymore, will you let me help you?" AND he did-many a time within the past few months. He was my first Borzoi. Mischievous, loving and a MAJOR sofa potato, our greatest joy was napping together. I loved falling asleep to the sound of his breathing . He ADORED full body massage with or without a soft brush. I'm dually empty without him but relieved that he runs young at the Bridge with many of our past beloved hounds. Forever on my arm and in my heart and soul.

In 2013 I lost a beloved greyhound to spinal cancer at age 9. We had been together 5 too short of years. A friend of mine who had fostered for NBRF suggested a borzoi. I saw Jasper's thin scared picture and KNEW my boy was a diamond in the rough. June brought him to meet my lady grey and she approved. Jasper was a sofa hog and barked "NO" at me if I didn't want to do something. He LIVED for full body massages and ear rubs and would "HUM" with utter contentment. He slept next to me at night and I would laugh at his snoring. His soft breathing would lull me to sleep. He almost made it to 14 for we shared a birthday together. He let me know it was time for him to leave on 7-24-22. I smile BIG at all the wonderful memories we have. I'll meet you at the Bridge someday MY Prince. You brought so much love and hair into my life. LOVE YOU MY MAN! Mary Jo Janchar

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