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It was February 2005 when I received a call from Carol Backers (NBRF President at that time) about a senior Borzoi and a couple of other mixed dogs racing down a busy highway in North Atlanta. Thankfully they were rescued and Carol immediately called me. Of course, we took the zoi. I believe we had 3 or 4 NBRF zois at the time, but who cares. The more the merrier. We named the black and white boy Pepe after the Disney character Pepe le Pew. He was at least 10 years old and severely neglected. Carol said the people that let this happen saw Pepe as an old, throw-away Borzoi. Not my family – we saw him as a noble beauty on four legs with a lot of love and joy to give. Pepe enjoyed going to the North Georgia mountains for a weekend with his pack. One weekend I took him on a solo trip to Jasper, GA…..just the two of us hanging out together. Pepe was with us only 11 months. He went to the Rainbow Bridge on January 28, 2006. With all he endured, he never lost his sense of humor. He was noble, courageous and oh so beautiful. Thank you Pepe for bringing all your love and beauty into our pack. We will never forget you sweet boy. Donna Lynes-Miller

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