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He loved running in the snow in Washington. He would lay out there until all you could see were black eyes and nose. He was such a happy loving guy. I am glad that Gwen talked me into taking him and had someone driving my way as she had been fostering him. I was not seeking another Borzoi since I had 2 older Borzoi girls. Gwen told me he was a sweetheart and she had someone driving from southern California to WA. He became the love of my life. Unfortunately he had a number of medical conditions which limited out time together. I miss him to this day and it has been very difficult to write a goodbye. DaVinci will forever live in my heart as the perfect guy. He was funny, playful, loving and accepting things I only aspire to. I miss you Da and I love you. You were a gift of a lifetime and I love all of my dogs but there has never been another like DaVinci. Linda Foster

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