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Remembering Dasha
Dasha's loss has left us saddened. We are broken hearted. It is difficult, so difficult to say good bye. It will be two months on September 23rd when we lost our fur child. I can't stop crying and I think about her all the time. Speaking of time I guess I need time. Everyone tells me time heals broken hearts. I hope they are correct.

The box containing Dasha's remains is beautiful. I have a memorial for her in our office on the countertop. The beautiful box is next to a St. Francis statue along with her collar and a pretty picture of her in the snow; gifts from friends along with the fiftytwo sympathy cards we received. Most of those cards mention Dasha's sweetness.

Dasha was elegant, dignified and had a sweet and loving soul. She was beautiful and gentle. She was grace.

Please say a prayer to St. Francis and ask him to take good care of our sweet beautiful Borzoi.

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