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Seriously ill with advanced bacterial bilateral pneumonia, STASYA made a miraculous recovery and took over the life, and the couch, of Joyce Dunham of Southern Illinois in January of 2003. Stasya fulfilled a long time dream of Joyce's to have a regal, loving, sweet and beautiful Borzoi.

Update: Stasya was sadly but loving helped across the bridge on August 20, 2007. My need was great. The big empty there. No dog in the house for years. My own place, finally and Whistle said "no". Outside I'd rather stay" Through friend, we visit fostering home. The great silver, wavey head. From ex-pen, past friend, past mom...she moves straight to me. Two weekend visits and quickly evident her great heart bonded to mine. Now two-plus years the perfect borzoi. My heart, my baby, my friend A glint in her eye, a prance in her gait tells mom she's lure-coursed before. In her glory at Borzoi nationals, the companion's parade and it must be evident to all. She is not just a Borzoi but the best of the best. God made her just for me. Her job she did well, she moved right in and surely she rescued me. Stasya's Mom "Summer '05"

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