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August 2014:

Sergei, my "big un", how I miss you, but what memories we made. A friend went with me to meet your foster in Missouri and bring you and Zoie to your furever home. When you stepped out of the van, you looked huge! I looked at my friend and said, "what in the world have I done?". She responded, "I'm not sure". Little did I know the love affair had just begun!

I was so grateful that my friend was with me, because it took her, Zoie and me to keep from losing you. You were not sure about the open stairs at the motel, and I had not the forethought to bring martingale collars. You were able to twist right out of the regular collar. Thank goodness my friend with Zoie and I were able to back you into a corner, and we both went "WHEW!" You were very comfortable once in the room, and stretched out at the foot of the bed. My friend commented again, "he is huge!". Of course, compared to her Shelties you were. On the way home, you and Zoie laid down and slept most of the way.

Arriving home, you and Zoie met your roommates, two Border Collies, and a Greyhound. It could not have been a better pack of five! I will never forget that first night when you laid your head in my lap. You had me then, my "big un"!

You and Zoie both had beautiful coats, but yours was long enough that it almost touched the ground. Because we live out in the county, there was only one choice. You had to be trimmed. When I took you to my granddaughter, who has a dog grooming shop, she really didn't want to trim your beautiful coat. She asked, "could we maybe just curl it or something?" Even trimmed, you were a handsome sight!

When we went somewhere as a pack, people were first amazed at how many dogs were in one vehicle and then how well behaved you all were. Then you and Zoie got the most attention because the majority of people in this town had never seen a Borzoi. There also wasn't a veterinarian in town with Borzoi experience, but I was able to find one in Wichita. He was a good choice and you and Zoie were very comfortable with him. He was the one who helped you and me when we lost Zoie. What a sad day it was.

Then there was the Christmas parade. You were an amazing sight! Everybody along the route wanted to know what breed you were. One little girl asked if she could ride my pony? I was a little nervous because we had not been in a situation with so many children wanting to "visit" you. My nervousness quickly eased because you were so good with the children, and yes, you stole the show. When my great granddaughter was around you were always by her side. You were so laid back and good natured with everybody.

Sergei, my "big un", you were so special and we had a special bond. I miss you, but so grateful we shared the time we did..

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