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Sasha/Ukraine/Majestic and The King of Borzoi

It was early March, 2022 when NBRF stepped up to help the Borzoi of Ukraine. We blazed paths that no one would have said possible, forging new relationships, surmounting every obstacle. Before the end of that month three of NBRF’s finest volunteers were on site in Budapest searching for real time information on what was needed. There were six Borzoi that had been surrendered to NBRF by their owners and the volunteers were there to get them across the border.
Plan after plan fell through, border requirements changed for the number of dogs that could come across, what paperwork they needed, and if they could come if unaccompanied by their owner. At the last minute, it did become possible and all six dogs were safely evacuated, but the twelve hour journey to the border had been particularly hard on the elder statesman, Sasha.
Sasha was approximately 10 years old with a heart condition. It was obvious he could not make another trip of the magnitude required to transport him to Italy where the five other dogs had homes waiting. He would stay behind but he was anything other than abandoned. Sasha’s temporary stop became his home where he would be the King for his remaining time.
Today, after two more years spent in the lap of luxury, we say good-bye to Sasha, but not to his memory; for who he was to the special place he holds in each of our hearts. A brave boy, a symbol of the determination and dedication of people from around the world to make his and many other Borzoi a safer more beautiful place.
To Edit and Stephen: gratitude for expanding your hearts to include Sasha in your lives and our sincere sympathy for the loss you now feel. Sasha will be remembered well as will your love for one so dear.
Until we meet again… Run with the angels, Sasha 🌈 Edit Vereczki and Stephen

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