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Please find the attached picture of Sasha. I miss my girl so very much, I don't remember all I said about her but: my husband has cancer this past summer when he was extremely ill Sasha would go stand beside his bed and lay her head ever so gentle on his chest.

Sasha would never allow a larger Borzoi win the running race at play. Sasha would throw her front leg out on the right or left side in front of the Borzoi coming up on her and slowed them down.
Like so many Borzoi parents, we all have wonderful stories about our Borzoi and what they bring to our lives.

Sasha had a wonderful personality, with eyes and facial expressions that was like reading a book. We have had our third Borzoi now and Sasha was special and exceptionally smart. She could open my closet door and chew several pairs of shoes, a new suede jacket, an area rug, a few pictures and a new sofa. Always with the attitude it was her home so everything was her toy. Because Sasha was child like we could never get angry with her.

I'm thankful for her trust as she was never punished; the world she lived in was her wonderland.
David and I were her pets; she slept between us each night, on her back and all four feet up in the air.

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