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There isn’t much you can say about Izzy. Izzy was just a sweet girl. She would always run up and let me know she was happy to see me. She loved to sit by me and get her head rubbed. I actually do not think I ever heard her bark. With big brown eyes like hers, who needs a bark. She got whatever she wanted.

She was always a sweet girl. Izzy and Kado and Leo and Pooka all lived together as best friends. She was even nice to Chaka the cat.

When she went outside she would lay in the sun and bask. But not for long. She was an inside girl at heart and always a classy lady.

Izzy was the epitome of a couch potato. She sat on the end of the sofa, where she could hang her head off the side and dream about chasing something—at least that's what it looked like.

Her spot on the end of the sofa is still empty. Her brothers and sister don’t sit there for some reason. I guess it’s their way of respecting her. I actually don’t sit there either. I just notice it’s empty. Bob Stakenborghs

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