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Indy was found running in a strip mine pit in Indiana. He was finally captured and Liz Duncan was his foster mom. It was discovered by her vet that Indy has a serious vision problem in both eyes with only partial vision in one eye and not much in the other.

Ann Miller had recently lost one of her Borzoi kids and needed a replacement. Indy, even with his problems, was her answer and he is living the GOOD life with Ann and her other Borzoi and Deerhounds. She has had to make a few adjustments to her property so Indy does not injure himself, but he is well worth the effort and is MUCH loved!

Ann reports that he is incredibly sweet and intelligent, having figured out the dog door on day one, and gate latches a couple days later.

Update: On the evening of January 31, 2007, Indy slipped quietly across the bridge in his sleep.

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