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Miss Rue crossed the bridge on Thursday 4/26/24 after a short illness at age 14.
She came to us back in August of 23 expecting it to be a short hospice situation. When we arrived to pick her up that seemed to be the case…she had no energy and little reaction to us and seemed to be at the end of the road.
That turned out to be incorrect. When we got her home the dog that would barely walk 25 feet went on a walk around the yard with Daniel. My fenced yard is the size of a football field (3 acres). To say the least, we were a bit confused.
She ensconced herself in front of the fireplace in the living room. No out of the action for her…she had had enough of that and only center court would do.
She refused to have anything to do with the bed or toy she came with and was our Goldilocks….this bed too firm…too small..until we found the one that was just right. Oddly, the oldest bed we had….20+ was Leon’s and came from RC Steele (they were bought out in like 2004).
I work from the living room (mobile desk) since the office got turned back to a guest room. So Rue and I hung out a lot and she turned out to be a talker. Probably what I miss the most are the “conversations”. They could be a few minutes to an hour of her telling me and me say “really” or “Ravel did what?” to egg her on a little.
Those weren’t the only times she barked…if breakfast and her cheesy pill were delayed, I heard complaints about the “lazy serf” and on a couple of occasions she came to the kitchen to give me the evil eye for tardiness. She would also tell Matt & especially Ravel off if they got out of line since she was the queen.
They were both quite fond of her and, on the occasions when she decided to inspect the grounds, the boys would follow behind but at a respectful 20 feet of so. It was really cute to see the 3 yr olds watching over the dowager empress.
For as short a time as she was here …8 months…she made a huge impression and we all miss her. Ken Terry

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