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What a sweet face on this girl. Roxxi was a foster who came from a not so wonderful environment. We named her Roxxi because she never responded to her name so we figured she had not been given much attention. When we first picked her up this beautiful dog had matted hair and was very weak physically, couldn't even jump in the back of the vehicle. After getting cleaned up and groomed she became good buddies with our other two borzoi, even though we knew she would go to a forever home. And indeed, she was placed in another home for two months but that did not work out so we decided her forever home was with us. I was thankful she was with us because she was already 9 years old and similar in age to our two others. She quickly learned how to run, jump with the horses and shoot out the front door when she heard us say "we are going to the park". We had started calling her Rocket Dog because she was always ready to take off. She passed away peacefully in her sleep on the big sofa. Even though we had her a short time, she left behind a huge place in our hearts. John and Lynnda McCoy

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