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Poppy Sabin

Poppy (passed away in April 2019)

Our gorgeous Poppy brightened our days for 11 wonderful years. We're so grateful that she lived an exceptionally long life for a big dog: 15 years. She loved to run, and she was a wonder to behold—the very definition of grace, power, and speed. Along with her sister, Ginger, she was a huge fan of hiking, swimming, and road tripping—they would howl in harmony to make sure they weren’t left behind. When it came time to relax, Poppy was never shy about claiming the most comfy spot on the couch, if not the entire thing. I want to thank the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation for allowing us to be Poppy and Ginger's family. Poppy and Ginger brought so much joy and so many smiles into our lives. We will miss and love them forever. Brooke Sabin

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