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Alexia McHale


From Alexia's person Judy McHale: Alexia came to me in May 2018 as an emergency foster from a questionable situation in Floria. She was estimated to be 10-11 years old, could barely walk more than 50 feet without collapsing, and her breathing was so labored that we thought she only had a short time to live. It turned out she had Laryngeal Paralysis and I decided to take a chance on surgery. Afterward her breathing improved considerably and over the next year we enjoyed short walks and long evenings together on the the sofa. Unfortunately, Lexi's other physical issues became more troublesome and painful and on September 30, 2019, I made the difficult decision to end her suffering. Lexi's ashes and photo are now prominently displayed with those of my other beloved Zois and I take comfort in knowing that she's finally running free - and painless - with all the others at the Bridge.

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