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Dear Animal Loving Friends,

I am saddened to share with you that Little Alex crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday afternoon. Alex was our second adoption from the Borzoi Rescue Foundation after Mesha in 2003. When Simba passed in April 2004, we contacted Carol and sure enough, there was a little 18 month old white male near Orlando. As fate would script it, Jeff had business in Orlando the following weekend. We visited foster mom, Tammy, and the rest is history. Jeff drove back to Orlando a few weeks later and brought home a bundle of joy.
Alex was a handful; full of life & energy….the equivalent of 3 dogs. We called him our Peter Pan dog – he never grew up. Forever a puppy. My youngest of 4, at 10 years of age, Alex enjoyed good health. What I did not know is that a heart tumor was growing…inoperable, bleeding & fatal.

Fortunately, Alex was able to come home from the hospital for 5 beautiful hours before his crossing. At least 1000 kisses, food, petting, more food, naps…all with his pack family. Thank God for mobile vets. Attached are a couple of pics taken by my dear friend Gloria.

I have been so blessed to have these spectacular creatures as my family. Alex was beautiful, sweet, loving, energetic. My friends, we are all animal lovers and I’m a Borzoi Mom. I will miss this precious Boy. Thank you Carol & Tammy for bringing Alex into our lives.

Blessings to you & yours this season. Donna

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