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Aidan is my California dude and a NBRF rescue in 2012. Carol called me on Thanksgiving Day to see if I could pick him up in Lompoc CA. Brought him home and Dylan of Pickle HIll accepted him so I failed foster 101. He and Dylan were besties until Dylan went to the great cosmos and then he bonded with Mickey in 2015. BTW Aidan was a very rich dark Mahogany with a black mask.....kinda hard to see now that he has gone oll grey. Also Aidan had 4 homes (his breeder, first owner who gave him to her groomer, then the groomer gave him to her mother) before he was even 2. Somewhere in there he was beaten with a hair brush which took me a long time to him to know being brushed was a good thing. He is my quiet dog who I sometimes call St Aidan as all he wants to do is please. Finally he is a smiler (learned from Dylan) and loves to sing (learned from Mickey). Kathy Caron June 2023

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