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Abigail Hajek

Dear Sharon and NBRF, Abigail's passing has been hard on the household. I miss her so. Anya (one of my other borzoi) really is taking it hard also. They were like sisters. So it has taken me a little while to write you. Abigail : You were the sweetest dog I have ever had. You were always there and greeted me with your swishy tail. You gave understanding and love unconditionally I remember reading in bed with your head on my shoulder just like we were reading the book together. We had so many adventures together. Thankyou Abigail for being a true sister to Anya and a real friend to Marcel. You ran the house and were a true princess. Still laughing at your delicate walk through the snow while the other dogs leapt and romped. Your elegance and hilarious looking down your nose at other dogs was so funny and so you. You were my cuddler and comforter. Just not the same without you. Love you Abigail and always will. You are ever in my heart! Rich Hajek September 2022

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