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Meet Starsky and Hutch, two confident, well adjusted, charming boys from Ukraine. They have known only love and kindness in their young lives. Love so deep that their Ukrainian family sacrificed their human hearts and surrendered them to NBRF ensuring a happy, safe and peaceful life. It was early July when the proper quarantine was met and they began their journey to the U.S. where their forever family awaited them with open arms.
“Our needs were very specific. We have little ones here and little ones equal chaos. Kid-chaos can be troubling to dogs and bells cannot be un-rung. Due to that, we’d either need a young dog who could learn to manage active toddlers and grow up together — OR an adult who had been raised with kiddos. The NBRF placement team made a mental note and told me they’d let me know when *that* perfect dog was available. It would take time but that was ok. We were still grieving the loss of our beautiful Luka who had passed in the Spring.
And then the call came - “Good morning. Are you ready?” I knew what she meant and I BAWLED LIKE A BABY! Through a torrent of tears, I replied “I’m ready.” She replied, “There are two puppies coming into…” I interrupted, “I WANT BOTH!”
With a long happy, life ahead of them, the rest of this story is not “history” but a wonderful ongoing book of joy; of being Borzoi and those people who love them. Thank you Lesley and Andy for giving your guidance and love, for opening your hearts, home and family to these special brothers and for sharing the story of Starsky and Hutch growing up Borzoi.

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