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Nicky aka Roni

Hello NBRF Hoomans,
It’s me, Nicky. I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I am doing fabulous in my new home! I have become a southern boy living here in Atlanta! I have a family that calls me "the bestest boy”. I have 2 dog sisters that think I’m a crazy boy for stealing all of their toys. They look funny because they have short hair and are black but they sort of look like me. Mom calls them Greyhounds. I have a mom, dad and two hooman sisters that love me so much. We have quite the international family, my dad is from Cuba, my hooman sisters are from China and my dog sisters are from Ireland.

My favorite activities include sleeping on mom and dad’s bed until noon, collecting treats using my sad eyes and running around the yard. Mom says that when it cools off we will spend lots of time taking walks. It's just too hot right now, I might burn my toe beans. I have also mastered opening closed doors by pushing down on the lever handles with my nose (no one goes to the bathroom alone…). My dad is a little jealous of me because I’m a mama’s boy. I follow my mom everywhere, I lay in her craft room while she is making greeting cards, I lay on the kitchen floor when she is trying to cook and when dad goes to work in the morning, I sleep with mom in her bed.

I have the best life that I could have imagined! Thank you NBRF for making sure I found my furever home.

Nicky (FKA Roni, AKA NicNic, Nicky doodle and Nick-a-rama)

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