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Misha is our first Borzoi, but not our first sighthound, so we kinda knew what to expect and that we were going to love him. He will have been a part of our family for a year this March 2024.
We’re not familiar with his background. He was around 8 years old and at first he was very timid, preferring to remain on one of the dog beds in the corner instead of engaging with people. Sometimes he would flinch when someone tried to pet him and would not come meet new people who came to the house. He got along great with our other two dogs immediately, a greyhound and a Walker Treeing hound, and they are a lovely pack.
After the first 6 months, we could tell we had earned some of his trust. He now comes to greet us when we come home, likes meeting new guests, and even loves the occasional snuggle. And we have lost a recliner!! We know he still needs more time to be completely comfortable, if he ever will, but we are willing to give him all the time he needs. He has come a long way!

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