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Boris "Badenov" Tobey

Boris “Badenov” Tobey, f/k/a Bee Boy of the China Five, circa late 2016/early 2017 - December 16, 2021.
To my ginger boy with the golden eyes and 24 carat gold heart:
You were my easiest hello and my hardest goodbye. You were mine before I met you. A photo of you was all it took; my heart leapt. But some other family had already chosen you…then fate took my hand and your paw, and connected us from 6343 miles away. When your first adopters backed out, I jumped at the chance to call you mine. Because you always were mine. And you always will be.
Boris Badenov, like the cartoon, because you made me laugh every day. But it was an oxymoron, because you could never be bad enough—in fact this world could never be good enough for you.
No one knew you had cancer until it was time to go. Even cancer could not steal your undeniable joy. You ran free of the pain and suffering only 24 hours ago; you were in my care for a mere 1420 days—not quite four years. Not nearly long enough, if you ask me. But cancer didn’t ask me. It doesn’t ask anyone.
The suffering, starvation, cruelty and pain you endured before you were rescued from the dog meat markets in China never changed your golden character, your sweet silent strength. Nor did cancer; you were sweetness and kindness and love to the very bitter end. Because cancer can steal health, but it cannot take away love. My friend, you were love on legs. Long hairy red legs. Legs you would use to joyfully run to me from across 100 acre fields. Legs you would use to grab my leg with your front paws to pull me close and hug me. Pure golden love.
The love you left behind left an indelible mark on my soul. The giant Boris-shaped hole in my heart I will carry with me the rest of my days. Run free, my golden fur angel. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge one day. Until then, my mom and Blu and Olive Oyl will keep you company. And until then, every time the golden autumn light streaks through the falling leaves, every time a red dog plays in the snow, my heart will leap at the very thought of you. While we are apart, I will try to be more like you. Amanda Tobey

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