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A Tribute to Boris Gaura. My Number One!
September 4, 2015 to November 15, 2021.

Who would
ever know that in September of 2015 a wonderful boy named Boris a white borzoi b o r z o i with black spots would walk over the threshold of my front door and change my life forever.
This is where I begin my story and the story of Boris who came to me by way of national borzoi rescue foundation nbrf.
When my boy Hunter died of cellulitis in 2014 who was part collie part borzoi I never would have thought that the sweet approval seeking and low-keyed personality of a borzoi that walked soft but carried a big stick Big Man on Campus would enter my life but he did!
I had made several calls after Hunter passed away at VCA animal hospital in Aurora Illinois and told my story to a few wonderful and compassionate women. These women all touched my heart by putting together their thinking caps and seeking out the perfect match for my home.
My heart had been torn into two huge pieces and my hunter left me with no other choice but to go in the direction of borzoid b o r z o i since Hunter always left me with that big side grin of a smile and eyebrows raise so high that all you could do was laugh and he would Crack A smile as long as the Golden Gate Bridge!
My first borzoi friend was the late Sue breeze b r e a z from Lowell Indiana she had talked to me for 2 weeks almost every day and said that she would not give up on me.
She invited me out to her farm on a hot sunny Saturday and we met all her borzoi that day Terrell was a one-year-old male she allowed me to take back home to see if he would be a good fit in the family we loved Terrell but he could not settle down and did not want to be in a crate for any length of time until he was house trained and all so we decided it was only proper to bring him back to Sue.

Event then I heard back from Liz Duncan - burge at national borzoi rescue foundation and I asked her if or when she came across a male borzoi to please give me a call. A week or two went by and she placed a call and put me on in touch with Carol Backers and Caryl Dumaine a breeder of borzoi Boris.

A gentleman who had Boris for 4 years was not able to keep him due to his health reasons and was willing to give Boris back to Carol dumaine and Carol was going to place Boris in national borzoi rescue foundation.

Laura Barker from national borzoi rescue foundation who does social work borzoi home visits came to my house from McHenry Illinois and was here for a good portion of the day.
She looked over my house and my setup and living style and backyard I passed her acceptance exam and referrals and I was awarded Boris via Carol backers approval and with the help and care and transportation of Carol dumaine all the way from Omaha Nebraska right up to my front door. Carol dumaine also brought Sarah s c r a boris's mother along for the ride so that I could also see Sarah which was a great pleasure and a lot of fun for the day.
Carol dumaine drove 6 hours up and 6 hours back in one day to make that journey so Boris could be in my home and in my life forever thank you Carol Dumaine.

Laura Barker was asked by Carol Backers if you had to leave your own borzoi with Pat Gaura would you feel good doing that in her home? Laura's reply was yes most definitely!
It was a Win-Win!

So after Carol Dumaine left and went back home to Omaha Nebraska that day Boris was the best gentleman and always sought out approval before he ate his meals and he was totally house trained and all he was as I call it the Turn Key Borzoi.

Boris was already entrained to be placed in the perfect home. Boris's prior owner had taught him so many social graces and commands and Boris always seemed to amaze me.. Boris even knew how to open up doors in the house.

Boris would also pull his food bowl up and pick it up with his front teeth to get all of the food in the bowl, a very smart boy indeed.

It was an honor to have had this amazing and highly intelligent borzoi boy in my life. Thank you Boris for all your love and all that you taught me about life. I miss you each and every single moment of the day.

What a lot of people fail to understand about the borzoi breed is that they are not dogs they are borzoi and in order to accommodate and have one of these special and amazing creatures in your life you are taught every single day by them they basically can sometimes challenge you as well as bring you down on your knees and make you laugh so hard that it's a belly buster.
In order to have a borzoi and accommodate a borzoi it takes a special person and a special family to give it their 199%. Their needs, their health, their well-being and happiness come first.

Rest in Peace Boris!
Pat Gaura

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